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Leaping into the new year 2015
Leaping into the new year 2015

In another few days, we will be wrapping up the year 2014.  It had been another year of ups and downs.  In terms of travelling, probably more ups (in mountains) than downs (diving the seas) ; in terms of health, more downs than usual ; in terms of work which I normally do not want to talk about, definitely more downs than ups ; in terms of life, that’s a roller coaster ride (as usual) 🙂  Yes, I do say it with a smile on my face and nowadays, I kind of accept whatever is thrown in my face as long as my family is not involved and I do not cause unnecessary worry for anyone.

I had been travelling alone and doing my stuff on my own the last few years and this year I think I’m reaping rewards. 🙂  Really really appreciative and thankful for the like minded people that I have met in those years and even more amazing that we stayed in touch in the strangest, most unbelievable manners and to top all that, started travelling together.  Hey, I do have friends now and perhaps, no more solo trips.   🙂  Erm…. that was definitely a joke and I definitely still need solitary time to reinvent myself periodically.


And nothing unusual, I am once again lost and not knowing what lies ahead.  Hey come on, does anyone really knows?  But I do look forward to the new year ahead and I wonder who I will next meet. Its supposed to be a time of reflections but I guess I’ll be lenient on myself this time round.  The beating up can wait a year more. 🙂

Merry Christmas and a really happy new year ahead!!!   (… … stay happy … …) 🙂


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