Ushering in my year 2014

Yes I’m calling this my year.  It’s the year of the horse.  Resolution for year 2014 is to travel less.  I’m really getting tired of overcoming year after year of heartbreak and disappoints.  It had been both emotionally and physically draining though they had made the best excuse for my need to travel and see the world to get over the ‘pains’.  But I guess anyone who had met me on any of my journey would probably never see me as a moping person.  Well, at least I hope not. 🙂

Panny Lwa
Looking back 2010-2013

Please do not be mistaken for I really do enjoy all my travels and making new friends along the way.   There are some whom I really regret not getting their contacts and I sincerely hope for the best for them.  There are also the few that continues to have that special place in my heart.  Thank you for your generosity in sharing your lives and stories with me.  While I usually set off with a heavy heart, all my trips thus far had been extraordinarily enriching for the soul.  I feel happiest and most at ease when I’m out there on my own.  It’s almost becoming a healing routine that I have to go through in order to face the world that is slowly alienating itself from me.  Amazingly, I end up finding myself only to lose myself once again.  Where do I belong?

Sadly, the memory of one person continues to haunt me and there remains many unanswered questions in my mind and heart.  I lived in a ‘fairy tale world’  and today, I finally know that I never once got out of it and probably would never be able to get out at all.  The gate to my little castle that probably resembles more of a little cottage house remains wide open and as I tend to my quaint little garden, my eyes are fixated to an image of someone familiar returning home and closing the gate behind him.    Many times, I wondered if I had not strayed and veered off from the route I was once destined to follow, would the result today equate to a happier person?  Would I derive greater joy and sense of freedom than that of seeing the world from all angles today?  Would ignorance is bliss be the best reply to my questions?

Travelling too much last year had meant that I did not have time to put them on record.  I had been spending the last few weeks filling in the blanks of year 2013 and every little memory I have puts a little smile on my face.  Please be patient with me as I do some catching up and updating.  2014, please be kind to me and I truly hope for a wonderful year ahead.

—  大家,让我们为2014 一起打气加油吧!  —

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