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Panny Lwa
Travel – the way to take a break

I like to see myself as a traveler, an artist, a designer… … I love the arts, nature and basically all things beautiful.

I had spent the last few years traveling, picking up new sports and making new friends along the way.  Some of the sports I picked up and am still enjoying today includes wakeboarding, diving, paragliding and trekking.  Yes, it covers the sea, the land and the sky.  Unfortunately I am master of none at any of these sports but I treasure the experience and definitely, the high and adrenaline rush each different activity gives me.

Photography is definitely not my forte.  But the images I capture are fond memories I have of each place, each person I meet along my journey.  I would like to share with everyone some of the places I have been to and hope that they will inspire someone as much as they inspire me.

Do feel free to leave comments and I am always happy to share if anyone would like to know more.

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  1. hey there Panny- I love your blog… very expressive & relatable:)
    I chanced upon it when I am googling Amphibiya to read if there is any review. Just when I got disappointed when I found none, I found your thoughts here… Many thanks! Please can you tell me more about Amphibiya and if possible Amba (and your dive experience in the far north) as I planned to do a solo LOB next month. My email provided below. Thanks Panny and keep blogging! Jenn

    1. Hi Jenn, both boats are great. Amphibiya is run by a local Maldivian. Great price, excellent value for good diving. it’s a no frills environment but clean w great food. Amba is slightly more luxurious in comparison and the when I was on it, mainly European and German speaking clients. Crew wise no issue as they all speak English. Diving up north is also more unpredictable w relatively stronger currents. So there are times we don’t see what we hoped to see but there are pleasant surprises too. If you are open to room sharing then you don’t have to pay a single supplement. That was what I did and all worked out fine. If you prefer to share room with a female, do let them know in advance. Hope this helps

  2. Hi Panny,
    I was impressed with your travel blog about your past trip on hiking mount bromo and went to some lush scenery of waterfall places. We will be going to in a small group for a 5D4N short getaway trip departing from SIN-SURABAYA during the end of April. Would you like to share with me about some of your itinerary shedule for the whole trip likes spending budget, accommodation, contact for local tour agency (Indonesia), and your spending days in this mountain? We might think wanted to go Ijen Crater as well if our time is allowed. Isn’t the 5D4N tour enough or too short for us to Ijen Crater after mount bromo climb or we might need to extend our approved annual leave from company?

    Traveller Ken Wong,
    [email protected]

    1. Hi Ken, thank you. Yes you have enough time to do both as they are both short hikes. Ijen is steeper though. Think a trip to the waterfalls, ijen and bromo would be just nice. You can contact Dani or Martha from ‘ourtrip1st’ . Dani was the one who compiled our itinerary and he can customize according to your preference. Ijen is a midnight climb to see the blue fire and sunrise. Bromo is a day climb but the view from the hotel is much nicer than the summit view. You can contact him on [email protected] They are the trip experts. Cost wise I think it was around $400 including hotel /homestay but excluding air tickets and food for 3D2N. That was 2 yrs ago so it’s good to check with them on the most recent pricing. Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. Your blog is great I believe you have at least a couple more recent trips to rite about. I cannot wait to read them and see the pics!

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