2016 – a year of uncertainties

Torres del paine, Chile
Panny in Torres del Paine

It had been a few weeks into the new year and compared to the last few years when I was tied down and busy with work, 2015 ended on a slightly toned down manner.  The year 2015 had been a year where I changed my way of travelling.  In the past, I had taken on multiple short trips but last year, I had gone on 2 long trips.  As always, I had kept it to within an area or a country for each trip so there was no real rush but still, I felt that I was always running out of time.  I need to rethink how I can work out this balance between work and my travels.

On a more personal note, the last year had also got me thinking about the friends that I have around me.  People I met on trips and have bonded with; people who share the same love as I have for the mountains and the seas; people whom I travel with but do not meet apart from travelling together (actually I think that’s only one person); people who love taking to the skies … they have all been great and wonderful people.  I do not think I’ve been that great a friend for anyone but the very least I have been trying to do is be as truthful and real as I possibly can.  And as I mention every year without fail, my ‘family’ of friends (or what’s left of it) are always the ones I treasure the most. Thank you for tolerating my constant disappearance and not giving up on me.

Definitely hoping that 2016 would bring more new experiences and be as exciting (or more) as the previous year!

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