Hiking Central Java and touring Yogyakarta, Indonesia Aug 2015

And here we go again - the happy quartet (?)
And here we go again – the happy quartet (?)

Its now almost like an annual trip to Indonesia to meet up with the boys again.  We had gone through the itinerary a few rounds, adding and removing destinations and stops along the way and as usual, I have left the liaising very much to Saras.  Yes, contrary to my own trips, this is the time when I have the luxury to just sit back, relax and follow.  But what I do know is we usually have crazy itineraries and that’s one of the main reasons I think no one else would ever join us for our annual trip.  On hindsight now, after looking through all my photos, I think we really covered a lot of places in just a week.  Please do not try to follow what we did because we hardly got any sleep. 🙂  Yes, so a very special thank you to Dani who had to drive throughout the trip.

I have decided to have this written in 4 different parts.  We arrived in Yogyakarta, moving on direct to Dieng, drove through Magalang and headed south to Gunung Kidul area before heading back to Yogyakarta again.  Part 1 – Dieng; Part 2 – Magalang; Part 3 – Gunung Kidul area; Part 4 – Yogyakarta.

The reunion - happy us
The reunion – happy us