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This travel blog started with my first solo leisure trip to Bali, Indonesia where I picked up my first extreme sport.  I went to Bali to learn paragliding. Strangely I have never written about the trip, only choosing to do a simple photo blog.

Along the way, I dropped the notion of solo or single traveler identity.  I hardly ended up alone.. Humans are social animals and I’m no exception. Boarding that plane alone did not mean I would be going places on my own and most often than not, friendships developed because we share similar travel preferences.

There are also staff in the tour agencies who went out of their way to help me and the warmth and hospitality I received were far more than what I deserved to have. Do not be mistaken, I very much prefer to book my own trips but these agencies are usually adventure tour companies that I booked with on segments of my travels.

Be it travelers I meet along the journey, my tour guides or the tour agencies I booked my trips with, these are resources that I had gathered in the last few years of travel.  It did take a bit of research when I first started on each trip so I am happy to share them with any like-minded souls out there. I am in the midst of compiling them, so be patient with me.

In the meantime, just drop me a note if there’s anything you would like to know more about the places that I had been to.

Cheers and happy traveling!!








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