Diving Philippines, June 2013 (intro)

It had not been easy updating the blog with events dating as long as a year back.  The difficulty lies not in the form of a writer’s block.  On the contrary, it’s the sheer number of writings I would need to produce to accurately cover them that seems daunting.  I’m doubting my typing speed as my brain seems to process memories and thoughts much faster than I can churn them out with my fingers.   Pleasantly surprising though, these quiet blogging moments rekindled happy memories, bringing about silly grins as I recalled things I thought I would have forgotten by now.  Oh, some of the ridiculous things I did and those embarrassing  moments.  I’m really glad I travelled alone for most of my trips.

June 2013 was my first long solo trip since 2010.  I wished I had the luxury to take an entire month off work to travel the country but I had only 3 weeks.  The title of the piece is a tad inaccurate as I did not manage to hit all Philippines grounds.  More accurately, I was mainly on the island of Palawan with the last week in Aniliao.  Hey, for a city girl, this was a pretty extravagant trip, both in terms of monetary value and time wise.  No regrets though, it was a wonderfully fruitful trip. 🙂

Puerto Princesa, Phillipines
Looking back 2010 – 2013

I am splitting my journey into 4 parts :  Diving Tubbataha, Peurto Princesa Underground river, diving Busuanga and lastly, diving Anilao.  I guessed what happened in Aniliao is not going to stay in Aniliao after all. 😉