Traveling in Tanzania, east Africa, March 2014 (intro)

This year, I decided on a much further destination, Africa.  The primary goal was to hit Kilimanjaro and do a short safari and finally ending off with a dive in Zanzibar.  Again, my little birthday treat for myself during my birthday month. Most importantly, I think it is the time again for some solitary time to rethink what I would want to do with my life.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
looking majestic from afar – Mount Kilimanjaro

The past few months had been very tiring and draining.  It was a almost like all my energy had been sapped dry.  I needed to ‘punish’ myself physically to overcome the mental stress.  Kilimanjaro was never the real aim and I honestly admit it was probably best excuse for me to beat myself up.  Running and swimming every other day, all in the name of getting fit for the trek.  Work piled up and I had this bad feeling that they were going to peak during March instead of ending in February as I initially planned.  Well, its not the first time I know how pointless all the efforts that go into planning sometimes go.

And so the 3 weeks East Africa trip was to trek kilimanjaro, do my first safari and head to Zanzibar, visit stone town and do some jungle trekking and end off with a nice 10-dives trip.  But as usual, we’ll see if things go as planned. 😉